I am a patient and I need to be heard

After four nights in the hospital, I made this video expressing my frustration over the lack of sleep you get while admitted. I also talk about the importance of listening to the patients wants and needs. Have you had a similar experience that needs to be solved?

E-patient Dave wrote an article about my video on Forbes.com

It has gotten quite a bit of attention:)

8 thoughts on “I am a patient and I need to be heard

  1. Okay, so, now to keep the TOTAL view count for the video you’ll need to add them up. Can do. Moving it to your own account was def the right thing to do, social media-ist!

    p.s. Sooner or later you’re going to need to explain the horse pix in the sidebar… and say a thing or two about your disease. All in good time…


      1. Er, um, I didn’t bother to look – I actually didn’t expect a new site to have a completed About page! 🙂


  2. Morgan, I am so glad that you posted your video and I hope to see more from you… I can see that you are on a journey to becoming a leader with patient advocacy! Press on, your voice will be heard!


  3. You go Morgan! People are listening. Your video is being shown within Dignity Health, a large health system in California, Nevada and Arizona. Our chief medical officer, Bob Wiebe, is sharing your video with hundreds of managers throughout the organization as we talk about patient experience. I saw it last Friday, 1/31, just days after you posted. How cool is that? All thanks to epatientdave! BTW, a colleague and I are writing an article for Nurse Leader magazine about patient experience and social media, and we are referencing your video.


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