This is a video I made which includes information on what I have done since the last video and what I plan on doing. Thanks for all the support! You have encouraged me to keep going with this and make more videos.

Thanks again,


(P.S. The first video was originally posted on my moms youtube channel so I have re-uploaded it to a new channel that only I will use. The link to my new channel is here.)

6 thoughts on “Update

  1. Go Morgan!

    I can’t listen where I am now, but I will say that your profile picture does a GREAT job of illustrating the difference between sick and healthy. 🙂

    Rest up!


  2. As a nurse and a patient advocate, I hear you! Rest is essential to healing. And, YOU are the most important part of your healthcare team! Make sure you keep speaking up. You are one voice but you can change the healthcare delivery system for the better! You go girl!


  3. As a nurse, mom, daughter patient advocate and patient(at times)…you are my hero and inspiration Morgan. We started patient and family centered rounds in pediatrics years ago for several reasons you mention, all very important, All eyes open! Rock on!


  4. HI Morgan! I posted your 1st video in all of my LinkedIn groups — about 40! (all in health care). You definitely created a lot of great buzz! I’ll keep posting your videos as long as you keep making them. I second Julie……You go girl! Big hug across the miles!


  5. I am Mr Sokchum Long and i am a Arthritis patients! during i was 7 year old i can not run and move! i sleep on the bed for 450days in my home in the country and then better after 450days on the bed, when i was 20 years old i try to work hard with my farm in the country like planting rice and cassava planting in that time the doctor told me your Arthritis is back be cause i try to work hard of my body he told me i have to take one medicine per day for all day and until forever for my life or my lifetime! and now i am 25 years old! so total =5years that i toke a medicine for all day and from now on! and now i want to say nice to meet u Morgan Gleason! can u let me your friend?


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