2 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi Morgan,
    I watched your video via the Forbes article by Dave deBronkart. I loved it! I’m a nurse and I have a blog (frugalnurse.com) where I talk about why our health care system is so broken–it costs too much, and doctors and patients are no longer in control (as you know).

    I posted your video on my blog this morning (http://frugalnurse.com/2014/01/plea-for-patient-centered-care/). I also included a link to your website. I hope it gets you some new followers!

    I really appreciate and support what you are doing. Your generation is my hope for the future of health care. Don’t settle for the status quo!

    Best wishes,
    Anne McMaster, RN, BSN
    aka Frugal Nurse


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